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Stasis Vest
Type Vest
Hit Points + 2
Other Notes Regenerate 2 HP per turn. Up to 8 HP per a mission.

The Stasis Vest is a utility item in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This upgraded Nanoscale Vest grants additional 2 health to a soldier, and its built-in Medikit IV will automatically restore health to wounded soldiers.


A Stasis Vest is a potential, randomly-acquired vest when building Experimental Armor in the Proving Ground.


  • The Stasis Vest provides 2 health to the wearer as well as regenerating 2 health per turn to a maximum of 8 health per mission.
  • Unlike a Medkit or Nanomedkit, a Stasis Vest will not remove the effect of Burning, Acid, or Poison.
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