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Stealth Satellites is a Foundry project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]

By studying the communication signatures of the UFO nav computers we've recovered, we could update our satellite network to mimic the alien communications. This would make the satellites much harder to detect if the aliens were to go looking for them.

– Foundry description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Project Requirements[]

Prerequisites:  Alien Nav Computer (Research)
Time to Complete:  7 days
Engineers:  20

Project Cost:

Research Credits and Bonuses:

 Name  Type  Reward  Adjusted Requirement
 All Technology  Research Credit  -50% Time  3.5 days
 UFO Technology  Research Credit  -50% Time  3.5 days
 Future Combat  Continent Bonus (Asia)  -50% Credits  §75


  • If a UFO is detected over a country covered by an XCOM satellite, and the UFO is not shot down, it makes two passes:
    • Without the upgrade, there is no protection against the UFO detecting and destroying the satellite.
    • With the upgrade, there is only a 25% chance of the satellite being detected on the first pass, and a 50% chance of detection on the second pass. [1] The overall chance of a stealth satellite being detected from both passes will then be 62.5% (a significant improvement from the original 100%), and at the very least, allows a lengthened window of time for XCOM to prepare an interception mission to shoot down the UFO.


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