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The Support Class is a soldier class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

The primary role of the Support Class is to keep the team alive and/or provide covering fire. They can learn to use Medikits more efficiently, cover the battlefield with smoke grenades and run further than other classes. Their covering fire and suppression abilities can help control enemy movement on the battlefield.

Medikits fix everything...

– Support soldier using a Medikit

XCOM DatabaseEdit

Soldiers trained in the Support class serve as both field medics and logistical support to the squad they are attached to. Equipped with medical supplies, smoke grenades and other items, these troops ensure the safe return of all units deployed in the field.

–XCOM Database, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Tactical DescriptionEdit

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The Support Class is a mid line specialist that excels in sustaining squad members in fighting condition with sustained fire from cover.


The Support Class can be equipped with rifles and pistols.

Assault RiflesEdit

WeaponBase DamageCrit DamageCrit ChanceRange
XEU Assault Rifle  Assault Rifle 2 - 45 - 710%Short
XEU Laser Rifle  Laser Rifle 4 - 68 - 1010%Medium
XEU Light Plasma Rifle  Light Plasma Rifle 4 - 68 - 1010%Medium
XEU Plasma Rifle  Plasma Rifle 6 - 811 - 1310%Medium
Source: Tactical Info, XCOM: Enemy Within

Foundry Upgrades


WeaponBase DamageCrit DamageCrit ChanceRange
XEU Pistol  Pistol 1 - 22 - 40%Medium
XComEU Laser Pistol  Laser Pistol 1 - 33 - 510%Medium
XEU Plasma Pistol  Plasma Pistol 2 - 45 - 70%Medium
Source: Tactical Info, XCOM: Enemy Within


When a soldier is promoted, certain ranks allow the player to choose between one of two abilities.

Rank Abilities Description
XEU Support SmokeGrenade  Smoke Grenade Deploy a smoke grenade once per mission. The smoke confers +20 Defense to all units, and lasts through the enemy turn.
XEU Support Sprinter  Sprinter Allows the Support to move 3 additional tiles.
XEU Support CoveringFire  Covering Fire Allows reaction shots to trigger on enemy attacks, not just movement.
XEU Support FieldMedic  Field Medic Allows medikits to be used 3 times per battle instead of once.
XEU Support SmokeAndMirrors  Smoke and Mirrors Allows 1 (2 in XCOM: Enemy Within) additional use of Smoke Grenade each mission.
XEU Support Revive  Revive Allows medikits to revive critically wounded soldiers at 33% of max health, instead of just stabilizing them.
XEU Support RifleSuppression  Rifle Suppression Fire a barrage that pins down a target, granting reaction fire against it and imposing a -30 penalty to Aim.
XEU Support DenseSmoke  Dense Smoke Smoke Grenades have increased area of effect and increase Defense by 40 instead of 20.
XEU Support CombatDrugs  Combat Drugs Smoke Grenades now contain powerful stimulants that grant +20 Will and +10 critical chance for all units in the cloud.
XEU Support DeepPockets  Deep Pockets Confers an additional item slot in inventory. (XCOM: Enemy Within changes this to: All limited-use items in your inventory receive one extra use.)
Medikits restore 4 more health per use.
XEU Support Sentinel  Sentinel Allows two reaction shots during Overwatch instead of one.

Second Wave Edit

Hidden Potential : 2-6 Aim per level for support

Training Roulette: Each soldier's training tree is mostly randomly generated.

Only support : Smoke Grenade (LV1), Smoke and Mirror (LV3), Dense Smoke (LV5), Combat Drugs (LV5)

Break Tree :

Medic - Field Medic (LV1), Revive (LV2), +4Health (LV7)

Fire - Covering Fire (LV2) and Sentinel (Lv7)

Indep : Sprinter (LV2), Rifle Suppression (LV4) and Deep Pockets



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