Dr. Marazuki being escorted.

Target Escort is a type of Council Missions in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Mission Brief[]

A high value target is in position for evacuation to XCOM HQ. However, hostile units in the area are on high alert, and will attempt to counter our extraction team.

Mission Objectives[]

  • Escort the target to the extraction point
  • Protect the target at all costs
  • Eliminate any remaining hostiles

Unlike the Target Extraction mission, the target VIP starts the mission placed with the squad and under the player's control. Should the target be killed the mission objective defaults to "All soldiers report to the EVAC zone", but counts the same as aborting the mission.


The VIP has very little health and should be shielded from enemy fire and avoid burning vehicles at all costs.

Unlike many other mission types, enemy forces are only partially present on the map at the start of the mission. As the VIP advances across the map additional enemies (specifically Thin Men) will drop into the map, typically on elevated positions in sight of the VIP. The newly spawned enemies typically use Overwatch as their first action. Their entrance counts as movement, and XCOM soldiers on Overwatch will react with fire often eliminating the enemy before they can become a real problem.

Known Targets[]

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