Anna Sing awaits extraction.

Target Extraction is a type of Council Missions in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


This type of mission is available at any stage of the game. It becomes active as part of the 'random event pool' which also includes UFO detection or landing, and other city-based missions.

The mission becomes active after the player is contacted by The Council. The rewards are announced in advance.

Mission Brief[]

Intel indicates a high value civilian asset somewhere at site; exact location unknown. The enemy is present in unknown numbers.

Mission Objectives[]

  • Locate the target
  • Escort the target to the extraction point
  • Protect the target at all costs
  • Eliminate any remaining hostiles

The squad must locate the target VIP (typically hidden at the end of the map opposite the squad's arrival zone) and maneuver a soldier adjacent to them at which point the VIP comes under the player's control. Should the target be killed the mission objective defaults to "All soldiers report to the EVAC zone", but counts the same as aborting the mission.

Mission Site[]

Target Extraction missions always take place in urban areas. The layout is chosen randomly from a predetermined set of hand-crafted maps.

Unlike urban maps for Terror and Abduction missions, maps for Target Extraction missions often have layout with vast open spaces and few obstructions, making them convenient for Sniper Class soldiers.


The goal of the mission is to have the VIP reach the extraction point at the Skyranger. Mission can be failed by having the VIP killed by the aliens. Unlike many other mission types, at the start of the mission, enemy force is only partially present on the map. After the squad reaches the VIP and starts progressing to the extraction point, more enemies (specifically, Thin Men) spawn throughout the map, typically on elevated positions in sight of the squad. The trigger for the spawn of the aliens is the VIP's movement, not time, so one can use it to their advantage by purposely not moving the VIP before their XCOM squad is in position and in Overwatch (Confirmed on Van Doorn). The newly spawned enemies typically use Overwatch as their first action. Their entrance counts as movement, and XCOM soldiers on Overwatch will react with fire. Due to this, the easiest course of action is to sweep the area for groups of aliens before contacting the VIP, then slowly progress through the map, using Overwatch with each soldier at every turn, which will almost always result in new aliens being shot down during their entrance.

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