Telekinetic Field is an ability of the Psionic Class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Create an immobile telekinetic field that lasts through the enemy turn. The field distorts and deflects incoming attacks, granting +40 Defense to both allies and enemies within the field. 4 turn cooldown.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Using Telekinetic Field will create a glowing spherical "wall" around the user with a radius of about 8 tiles. This has an effect equivalent to units in Dense Smoke (+40 Defense) along with the Support's ability. Contrary to what the in-game description states, it will not confer the Defense bonus to enemies.  

It will also not decloak a unit if they are currently ghosting.  

It is yet unknown if it will stack with other bonuses, but a Sniper's Low Profile does not turn Telekinetic Field into full cover.  

Telekinetic Field's bonuses do not apply to anyone above the field, although it will apply to units below the user if they are not outside it's spherical area of influence, and only lasts one full turn. If quick cover is needed, especially in a distant location, using a smoke grenade is arguably a superior tactic, but the ability will still be quite useful in a variety of different situations like when a high hovering Archangel Sniper who has Mind Control selected as a Psi ability instead is given protection by a Heavy who is standing nearby on a roof.

Having Archangel Snipers with this ability might be wise, benefiting from the elevation bonus, the field, and having it apply to anyone below them. This leaves other psi operatives with the ability to use Mind Control.


Together, we are strong.

– Psi soldier using Telekinetic Field