The Templars are a Resistance faction introduced in the XCOM 2 expansion, War of the Chosen. Although they are consistently referred to as Templars, their specific name and insignia are randomly generated with every playthrough (see infobox and this section). Click here to generate another set.


The Templars are a resistance faction, cultists who worship psionic energy. Founded by Geist, a former XCOM Psi Operative from the initial invasion who escaped the alien assault on XCOM base, the Templars have honed their psionic abilities into their primary armaments and declared independence from XCOM.

Templars are zealous fighters, and are strong believers in the bonding of soldiers on the battlefield.

Resistance Orders[]

Templar Resistance Orders focus on accelerating the growth of individual soldiers and the development of XCOM as a whole.

Order Description
Art of War Ability Points gained by promotion are increased by 25%.

'In their eagerness to drive the false gods from our world, they take to knowledge with unparalleled voracity.' - Geist

Bonds of War Soldier Bonds grow 25% faster.
Deeper Learning I Soldiers' experience gains are increased by 10%.
Deeper Learning II Soldiers' XP gains are increased by 20%.

'Our power must be equally matched by our wisdom, by our breadth, by our cunning!' - Geist

Feedback Psionic attacks on XCOM units cause damage to the caster.

'The power of this world cannot be turned against its rightful masters!' - Geist

Greater Resolve Lightly wounded soldiers can be sent into combat.
Hidden Reserves I Gain an additional +2 power on the Avenger.

'The false gods have found many ways to channel the Earth's power, and so shall we.' - Geist

Hidden Reserves II Gain an additional +3 power on the Avenger.

'With greater focus, comes a greater mastery of the power that rightfully belongs to humanity.' - Geist

Machine Learning Research breakthroughs are twice as likely to occur.

'It is not the machine, but the power of the Earth that guides your hand.' - Geist

Mental Fortitude All battle madness (panic, berserk, obsessed, shattered) only lasts one turn.

  • Battle madness is usually inflicted on the enemy turn, meaning that your soldier will recover on your turn without losing any actions.

Noble Cause Will recovery in all soldiers is 20% faster.

'Their spirits will be lifted by the righteous truth of our cause.' - Geist

Pursuit of Knowledge Laboratory facilities provide an additional 20% boost to research times.

'The pursuit of greater understanding is second only to the intense focus required of our Psionic meditation.' - Geist

Stay With Me Soldiers are much more likely to bleed out rather than die when their health drops to 0.

'Let our faith bolster your spirit, we will not let you enter the Void so easily.' - Geist

  • There is 1% chance to bleed out instead of dying for every point of Will over 50. Stay With Me increases this chance to 2% per point of Will over 50.

Suit Up All armor and vest projects in the Proving Ground are completed instantly.

'We must carefully protect the lives of all humans who have survived thus far.' - Geist

Tithe Resource rewards on all missions are increased by 15%.

'Just as there are those who would honor the false gods, so will we tithe to the masters of our cause.' - Geist

Trial by Fire Double the Ability Points gained in combat.

'If failure means death, then they must learn from their successes.' - Geist

Vengeance When a squadmate dies, the entire squad receives random bonuses for 2 turns.

'It would be harder to deny our people their chance at vengeance, than it will be to facilitate their just retribution.' - Geist

  • Does not apply for the death of 'additional' Resistance / ADVENT defector squadmates.


XCOM2 WotC9.jpg

The Templars are also a hero unit class in XCOM 2. They are armed with their special Shard Gauntlets that produce Psi Blades as their primary weapons, and also carry a machine Autopistol for when other attacks are too difficult or unavailable. They are specialized for melee combat and have powerful psionic abilities in order to turn the battle in their favor.

The Templars use a special stat known as Focus during combat that they use for their special psionic abilities. They gain Focus through kills with Rend (a psi blades melee attack). Other methods of obtaining and spending Focus are gained with their ranks and abilities.

After a Rend attack, Templars make use of Momentum, which gives them an additional move action after attacking. This helps them re-position after attacking in melee.


Resistance Faction hero units are not promoted like traditional XCOM soldiers. Instead, they gain ability points with every promotion to spend on their abilities. A resistance faction unit can buy multiple abilities from the same rank, but requires that rank to purchase it. Players may use ability points from both the unit's own reserves and the shared XCOM pool of ability points to purchase abilities.

The Templar has three paths of abilities. The Psiblade path focuses on increasing the power and versatility of Rend and Momentum. The Dynamo path focuses on the spending of Focus for attacking enemies and repositioning. The Sage path focuses on gaining and using Focus for supporting other squadmates.

As with all Resistance Faction hero units, Templars can also buy abilities typically used by normal XCOM soldiers for use in the field. The Templar in particular is able to purchase some pistol-oriented Sharpshooter and sword-oriented Ranger abilities, as well as some Psi Operative abilities.

Squaddie Rend - Melee attack with a chance to disorient or stun the target. Cannot miss. Triggers Momentum, and generates Focus on kills. Volt - Psionic attack that deals low damage, but jumps to nearby units at higher Focus levels. Psionic enemies take extra damage. Costs 1 Focus. Focus - Gain Focus during missions, increasing stats, damage, and ability effectiveness. Focus can be spent on powerful abilities.
Corporal Parry - After attacking with Rend, prevent all damage from the next attack instead of moving. Note that Parry is ineffective against the Hunter's Tracking Mark shot. Aftershock - Targets struck by Volt will be easier to hit, increasing your squad's aim by +15 against the target. Amplify - Mark a single target with a Psionic lens, causing them to take an additional 33% damage from a number of future single-target attacks. Costs 1 Focus. Does not end turn if used first.
Sergeant Overcharge - Rend attacks have a 33% chance to generate Focus. Pillar - Summon a pillar of Psionic energy to act as a high cover point. Costs 1 Focus. Does not end turn if used first. Stun Strike - Strike an enemy with Psionic force, knocking them back in the direction of the attack. Costs 1 Focus. Does not end turn if used first.
Lieutenant Deflect - When the Templar has Focus, there is a chance to deflect incoming shots, completely avoiding the damage. Channel - When an enemy dies, it may leave behind Psionic energy the Templar can collect to raise their Focus level.
Captain Reflect - When the Templar has two or more Focus, there is a chance to reflect incoming shots back at the attacker, completely avoiding the damage. Requires Deflect. Invert - Switch locations with an enemy unit. Costs 1 Focus. Does not end turn if used first. Deep Focus - The maximum Focus level is increased to 3.
Major Arc Wave - Rend generates a wave of Psionic energy in the direction of the attack. Damage increases with Focus level. Exchange - Exchange locations with a squadmate. Costs 1 Focus. Does not end turn if used first.
Colonel Ionic Storm - Summon lightning to strike all nearby enemies. Costs all Focus, but generates Focus with kills. Void Conduit - Trap a humanoid in a Psionic prison, immobilizing them for multiple actions and transferring their health to the Templar. Costs 1 Focus. Ghost - Create a duplicate of the Templar from the body of a fallen humanoid. The ghost disappears when it loses all focus. Costs 2 Focus.

Possible XCOM abilities[]

  • Bladestorm - Free shard attacks on any enemies that enter or attack from melee range.
  • Reaper - Chain melee attack that loses damage with each attack and allows another action every time a kill is scored.
  • Lightning Hands - Fire your autopistol at a target. This attack does not cost an action.
  • Quickdraw - Firing your autopistol with your first action no longer ends your turn.
  • Sustain - If the Templar takes enough damage to be killed, they are immediately placed in Stasis for 1 turn and their health is only reduced to 1 HP. This can only happen once per mission.
  • Fortress - The Templar is immune to fire, poison, acid, and explosive damage.
  • Shadowstep - This soldier does not trigger overwatch or reaction fire.
  • Faceoff - Fire once at every visible enemy with your autopistol.

Tactical Information[]

Main article: Templar Class/Guides

Behind the scenes[]

Faction Templar bg 2.png
Faction Templar icon 2.png
Faction Templar wings 2.png
  • The name and insignia are randomly generated. Unlike Reapers, there are multiple elements to the insignia (the one on the right has been randomly generated).

The game chooses the base name and then applies either a prefix or suffix (never both at once).

Prefix Name Suffix
Abyssal Observers of Twilight
Lightning Surveyors of the Abyss
Radiant Coven of the Mind
Storm Conjurers of the Stars
Twilight Monks of the Storm
Enduring Prophets of the Void
Exalted Psions of Purity
Purified Teachers of Balance
Void Summoners of Equality



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