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The Spokesman is a reclusive, unidentified Council representative in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and a secret Resistance member in XCOM 2. His real name and birthdate are unknown.

In XCOM: Enemy Unknown he is the public representative of the Council, contacting XCOM to offer Council Missions, present requests from member nations, and provide the Commander with monthly progress reports.

If too many countries leave the XCOM project, a cutscene will play in the situation room showing the spokesman, under Mind Control by a Sectoid Commander and with 2 Thin Men beside him, telling XCOM that humanity will cooperate with the aliens before subsequently cutting-off communication.

In XCOM 2 the Spokesman serves under ADVENT after the collapse of Earth's governments; he uses his insider status to act as an informant, secretly providing information and support to the Resistance movement. At the beginning of the game, the Spokesman reestablishes contact with C.O. Bradford and passes on Resistance intel that leads to the extraction of the Commander. After the Commander resumes leadership of XCOM, the Spokesman continues to make regular contact with XCOM coordinating Resistance operations and providing monthly Resistance reports.

After the completion of the Avatar Autopsy research project, the Spokesman hacks the ADVENT Network tower to contact XCOM for the last time, informing the Commander that ADVENT is accelerating the final stages of its Avatar Project. The Spokesman briefs the Commander on the penultimate XCOM 2 mission, ADVENT Network Tower Assault. His broadcast ends with ADVENT troops breaking into his hidden location. He is last seen exchanging fire with ADVENT forces before the channel cuts off. His current status is unknown.


The Spokesman appears in both XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 and is voiced by Jon Bailey.