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Thin Man Autopsy is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]


XCOM: Enemy Unknown:

These aliens were clearly intended to be used as infiltrators, moving among us and observing without raising an alarm. However, the question remains, how were the aliens able to physically modify this species to achieve this goal?

XCOM: Enemy Within:

These aliens were clearly intended to be used as infiltrators, moving among us and observing without raising an alarm. Their incredible range of motion is of particular interest to our own genetic research program.

Initial Findings[]

The tall one has, up until this point, been unofficially referred to as the "Thin Man." Initial testing has revealed a concerted effort by the aliens to modify this specimen's genetic structure in such a way as to make it appear human. However, on closer inspection, they seem to have had some trouble concealing the eyes, which appear to be reptilian in nature...

Project Report[]

Codename: Viperus

The subject's external appearance is that of a caucasian male. I would guess its age to be approximately 35 years old, although it's quite likely this is an artificial effect intentionally affixed by the aliens. The specimen is roughly two meters in height, and weighs just over 80 kilograms. Despite its outward appearance, upon dissection, the creature's unique organ and bone structure is revealed to be distinctly alien in nature. The subject's bones are segmented, rather like the vertebrae of a serpent. This segmented structure appears to give the creature a spectacular range of motion in combat.

A large portion of the specimen's thoracic cavity is devoted to enormous glands capable of producing a toxin that is then expelled via ducts with considerable force. After a thorough chemical analysis of the subject's venom, we've theorized that it could be used as a powerful disinfectant to treat our soldiers injuries in the field. Dr. Shen is working to develop a means to integrate this substance into our existing Medikits for future deployment. Targeting another example of this specimen in the field using the Unit Analysis View may reveal further details about its distinctive combat abilities.

XCOM: Enemy Within amends the first paragraph with:

It is possible, through our own genetic modification program, that we may be able to replicate the unique connective tissues that allow for this remarkable flexibility. If successful, our soldiers could see drastic improvements in their own physical mobility and resilience.

Project Requirements[]

Thin Man Corpse

Prerequisites: Obtain Thin Man corpse
Research Point Cost: 40 Points
Project Cost: 1 Thin Man Corpse

Foundry Projects Unlocked[]

Items Unlocked[]

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