The Titan is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

The ultimate Zudjari war machine, the appropriately named Titan, is one of the most dangerous enemies the player will face in terms of damage output. It shoots a giant laser and terraforms the immediate area around it.

The Titan acts as the game's second boss. It is encountered when Agent Carter is on the hunt for the Phase Plotter.


The Titan really only has one attack, but it will kill you in one hit. The Player must find cover, shoot, and then find cover again, because the Titan will immediately disintegrate any and all cover with its beam. You will be safe however as it won't damage you so long as you are in cover. 

Although it is not impossible to succeed without it, the Blaster Launcher is highly recommended to avoid a battle of attrition.



  • In an early gameplay trailer, the option to summon a friendly Titan can be seen in the Battle Focus screen (similar to Drones), but was cut from the final game.