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Titan Armor is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]


We've observed some of the alien combatants wearing a form of superheavy armor that still allows for full mobility in combat. This has been puzzling, to say the least, but with our new understanding of the alien energy sources and their materials, we could develop powered armor of our own.

Project Report[]

Codename: Golem

Among the heaviest of our body armor prototypes, the "Titan" armor makes use of the alien element known as Elerium to provide a continual powered assist to the operator of this suit as they move through the battlefield. With the element in short supply, we've tried to find the most efficient means to utilize it in our development programs.

In this case, the Elerium power cell is used to fuel an integrated cooling system designed to minimize fatigue by regulating the operator's body temperature. This system gives the Titan Armor the added benefit of increased resistance to the environmental hazards, particularly fire and poison damage.

XCOM: Enemy Within amends this with:

We will also be able to incorporate the Titan technology into our MEC designs, permitting us to upgrade our MEC-2 suits into the new MEC-3 configuration.

Project Requirements[]

Prerequisites: Carapace Armor, Elerium
Research Point Cost: 400 Points
Project Cost: 5 Elerium, 15 Alloys

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