Training Roulette is a Second Wave option introduced in XCOM: Enemy Within.

Each soldier's training tree is mostly randomly generated. Does not apply to MEC Troopers.

After a soldier reaches Squaddie rank (receiving a class and their first ability), future ranks will primarily grant randomized abilities from a pool of all the class abilities minus any skills that are dependent on a specific weapon (which remain class locked).

Class Ability Trees[]


Rank1-Squaddie.png XEU Assault RunAndGun.png
Rank2-Corporal.png UNKNOWN.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank3-Sergeant.png UNKNOWN.png XEU Assault CloseAndPersonal.png
Rank4-Lieutenant.png UNKNOWN.png XEU Assault RapidFire.png
Rank5-Captain.png UNKNOWN.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank6-Major.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank7-Colonel.png UNKNOWN.png XEU Assault KillerInstinct.png


Rank1-Squaddie.png XEU Heavy FireRocket.png
Rank2-Corporal.png UNKNOWN.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank3-Sergeant.png XEU Heavy ShredderRocket.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank4-Lieutenant.png UNKNOWN.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank5-Captain.png UNKNOWN.png XEU Heavy DangerZone.png
Rank6-Major.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank7-Colonel.png XEU Heavy Rocketeer.png Mayhem.png


Rank1-Squaddie.png XEU Sniper Headshot.png
Rank2-Corporal.png XEU Sniper Squadsight.png XEU Sniper SnapShot.png
Rank3-Sergeant.png UNKNOWN.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank4-Lieutenant.png XEU Sniper DisablingShot.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank5-Captain.png UNKNOWN.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank6-Major.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank7-Colonel.png In The Zone.png XEU Sniper DoubleTap.png


Rank1-Squaddie.png XEU Support SmokeGrenade.png
Rank2-Corporal.png UNKNOWN.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank3-Sergeant.png UNKNOWN.png XEU Support SmokeAndMirrors.png
Rank4-Lieutenant.png UNKNOWN.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank5-Captain.png XEU Support DenseSmoke.png XEU Support CombatDrugs.png
Rank6-Major.png UNKNOWN.png
Rank7-Colonel.png UNKNOWN.png UNKNOWN.png

  • All random abilities are generated upon a soldier reaching Squaddie rank but are only unlocked as the soldier ranks up; this is to prevent save scumming.
  • Alien Abductions that rewards higher ranked soldiers will come with skills unlocked. It is possible to save before the mission ends, and re-load to get a different soldier with different skills.

Random Ability Pool UNKNOWN.png[]

XEU Assault Aggression.png Aggression
XEU Assault BringEmOn.pngBring Em On
XEU Assault Flush.png Flush
XEU Heavy BulletSwarm.png Bullet Swarm
XEU Heavy Holo-Targeting.png Holo-Targeting
XEU Heavy HEATAmmo.png HEAT Ammo
XEU Sniper Gunslinger.png Gunslinger
XEU Sniper Executioner.png Executioner
XEU Assault TacticalSense.png Tactical Sense
XEU Assault LightningReflexes.png Lightning Reflexes
XEU Assault ExtraConditioning.png Extra Conditioning
XEU Assault Resilience.png Resilience
XEU Heavy WillToSurvive.png Will to Survive
XEU Sniper LowProfile.png Low Profile
XEU Assault CloseCombatSpecialist.png Close Combat Specialist
XEU Support Sentinel.png Sentinel/ XEU Heavy RapidReaction.png Rapid Reaction
XEU Heavy Suppression.png Suppression
XEU Support CoveringFire.png Covering Fire
XEU Sniper Opportunist.png Opportunist
XEU Heavy Grenadier.png Grenadier
XEU Sniper DamnGoodGround.png Damn Good Ground
XEU Sniper BattleScanner.png Battle Scanner
XEU Support DeepPockets.png Deep Pockets
XEU Support FieldMedic.png Field Medic
XEU Support Revive.png Revive
XEU Support Savior.png Savior
XEU Support Sprinter.png Sprinter

  • Snipers cannot get Bullet Swarm
  • Heavies cannot get Gunslinger

Advantageous Combinations[]

  • XEU Heavy BulletSwarm.png Bullet Swarm + XEU Assault RapidFire.png Rapid Fire + XEU Heavy Holo-Targeting.png Holo-Targeting
    • Assault exclusive allows for three shots, + 10 Aim and can reposition with Run & Gun after the first shot due to first basic shot not ending the turn and second action as movement not ending the turn when activated.
  • XEU Heavy BulletSwarm.png Bullet Swarm + XEU Assault RapidFire.png Rapid Fire + XEU Assault CloseAndPersonal.png Close and Personal
    • An Assault with this combination can fire up to four times in a turn at up to three different targets, provided an enemy finished the turn within Close and Personal's effect radius.