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Just your average astronaut primate who also serves on the staff of this wiki. While as an admin I might have a few more tools at my discretion, it's everyone's contributions that make this wiki such an excellent source of information. So I thank and salute you for your help!

Have a comment, suggestion or just need to ask me a question? Feel free to drop me a message on my talk page.

Some of my favorite pages on the Wiki:

Tips for Writing Wiki Articles

Be sure to read the XCOM Wiki:User Conduct Guidelines but here are some other things to keep in mind while editing or creating wiki articles.

● On the internet the audience can be anywhere or anyone. There are huge variations in the reader's XCOM knowledge, gaming experience, age, location, culture, background, dialect, and language skills. Think in terms of everyone rather than you, I, or even we.

● Keep language and ideas SCD: Simple, Concise, and Direct.

● Remember the 5 W's: Who, What, Where, When, Why - and How.

● Wiki articles should be friendly for users with little or no game experience / lore knowledge. It's not the easiest thing to do, but try to see things from a newbie's point-of-view when editing articles.

● There can be a fine line between sufficient and too much information. Avoid repeating information found on other pages, that's where internal links and see also can be most useful.

● Remember that # can be used in links to bring the reader directly to a specific section of an article. A link such as tips looks like [[User:Monkeybite#Tips_for_Writing_Wiki_Articles|tips]].

Avoid using (what may seem to be) common expressions. People outside the U.K. may not cotton on to what cotton on means. People in Boston call a pizza a pie, while people in Montreal call a slice of pizza a pointe, but in the interest of being easily and widely understood, that type of language is best avoided.

Avoid using "you" unless speaking directly to, or referring specifically to the reader/player his/herself (e.g. providing instructions for what the person behind the computer needs to do, such as click on an icon). I'm not going to fight an alien no matter what I'm told to do, and neither are you.

● Be organized. Keep related information together, and use article sections appropriately.

● Be certain. If you're editing an article and realize that you're not so sure about something, either verify it immediately, or postpone the edit and discuss it on a talk page first. If you find yourself tempted to say "I think" or "maybe," that's a good indication that you may need to stop and think about what you're saying.

● Be consistent with language. Try to maintain the same verb tense throughout an article section and/or the entire article. Also try to maintain a consistent writing style & level of language.

● Be consistent with formatting. Look at a few similar wiki pages to see what should be included, and how to format it. (If you don't know how to do something, look it up: There's a lot of good information on Wikia's help page, or refer to the other articles.) Cut & paste templates from other articles to modify and make certain things look pretty, if you are comfortable doing so. If you're in need of help, use a talk page.

● Be focused. Avoid distractions such as talking on the phone, watching television, or making repairs to the Hubble Telescope while editing.

Avoid linking to disambiguation pages. They're a navigational aid intended to help people find what they're looking for – not a wiki article! Either link directly to the intended article, or to a category page if necessary.

● To link to a category, format the link as [[:Category:Category name|Category name]], note the : at the beginning of the link, it prevents the article from erroneously being added to the category.

Avoid linking to redirect pages – use the proper article name (i.e. the destination the redirect leads to) whenever possible. This is less important than the disambiguation tip (above), but is still greatly appreciated by the wiki's admins.

● If contributing trivia that makes a similarity to something in pop-culture, remember this: Everything is a Remix. Before contributing trivia related to something you enjoy, take some time to find out where the idea really comes from. The same holds true for similarities to other games you may have played.

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