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  • FeruEnzeru

    I was middle of looking for XCOM 1/EU/EW Soldier Voice Lines (American English, British English, Australian English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, German, etc.) on YouTube.

    I would like to listen the Russian quotes (Male or Female voices 1-5) on there, and they don't have any on YT.

    Only problem is, they might be stored in the game files.

    I want to listen to Russian quotes from Soldiers.

    I need some comments on what i'm looking for actually.

    Any questions, leave me a message or leave me a comment on this blog.

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  • FeruEnzeru

    Hi i was middle of watching WotC videos on YT. And there is no "Meet the Templars" story mission similar to Operation Lost and Abandoned.

    I don't play XCOM 2 since i don't wanna do XCOM fandom, but i watch XCOM on YouTube.

    That's all.

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  • FeruEnzeru
    1. XCOM: Terror from the Deep (2019, 2020 or 2022?). (I haven't played XCOM 2 since i played XCOM:EU/EW 2012-2013. WotC's my favorite one better than vanilla XCOM 2. I get bored and tired of YouTube, videos and video playlist. I watch some LW2 videos by DerAva and xwynns. Who cares)
    2. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Remastered/Extended with mod and Steam Workshop support (2022 or 2032?). (I'm sad that XCOM 1 has no mod support. Its important that my favorite XCOM game can have other mods instead of Long War)
    3. XCOM Skirmisher (First Person Game 2018, 2023,  2028, 2032 or 2038?). (I think i'm going to bed and dream that an XCOM first person shooter that lets the Skirmisher rip some heads off like AVP. That will be cool)
    4. Any remakes of Apocalypse, Interceptor and…
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