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    Lizzunchbox here. Wikia Games attended Julian Gollop’s post-mortem on XCOM: UFO Defense. It was fascinating to hear Mr. Gollop speak about the challenges, trials, and success of one of the most influential games in PC gaming history, and the odd legacy that followed it.

    Here are some of the highlights and interesting factoids of his talk:

    • The design document for XCOM: UFO Defense was only 12 pages long (“It was the first design doc I had ever written”). The concept was so progressive at the time that Gollop had to travel to Microprose (the game’s publisher) to explain the concept in more detail. Still though, according to Gollop, “the game in its final form didn’t change a whole lot from the original design document”
    • Gollop still considers th…
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    Along with a few other Wikians, I'm at GamesCom in Cologne Germany this week, and I had the luxury of playing XCOM for an hour today at 2K's booth. This gameplay session consisted of the first hour of the game, which contained three separate missions - two with training wheels and one without. I was super excited to play b/c I remember playing the original XCOM game back in the mid 1990s when it was first released.

    I'll admit to being a former journalist, but I'm going to try to keep this post as straightforward as possible. The game was in German, so I wasn't able to absorb all the plot points, but I was able to get the gist of things. (And learn some German to boot!)

    Let's get started...

    The game starts with a great Arthur C. Clarke quote:


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