Over time whilst I have replayed Xcom enemy within.

I keep thinking how good it would be to play as the opposite side, instead of seeing what would happen if XCOM won. Play as EXALT. The base being the building where EXALT HQ was. Be able to research alien weapons and the aliens themselves, use weapons of XCOM when you defeat them.

Instead of alien abductions, alien interceptions. Sleeper cells requesting help instead of the council, to aid in removing countries from XCOM. And even opposing covert operations done by XCOM such as defending Com posts, and hacking XCOM encrpters and transmitters.

Whilst showing what would happen if EXALT won the battle against XCOM and took over the governments of the earth. Whilst also removing the alien threat.

I would have liked to have provided such a possiblity to the creators of XCOM but i cannot find how to contact them.

A real shame i would have liked to have seen an EXALT game

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