Greetings, fellow fans of Firaxis! I'm ZeroOne and I hail from the Official Civilization Wikia. As you may know, it's less than two weeks until the newest Firaxis game, Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth comes out. Also, back in July 2013 they published an expansion for Civilization V, called Brave New World. In that expansion a new unit was added: the XCOM Squad! How cool is that?! Putting together the aforementioned facts it dawned on me that it's about time to put something Civ into XCOM as well. So may I present: the Beyond Earth leaders reimagined as XCOM soldiers!

If there are any artists around here, Kevin from Firaxis threw out a little challenge on Twitter: "I now want to see XCOM get the BE treatment. Supremacy Vahlen. Harmony Shen. Purity Central.". I XCOM'd Beyond Earth, anyone up for beyondearthing XCOM? :)

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