Utility Items are available to soldiers in XCOM 2 via special equipment slots that supplement the weapon and armor slots. Most utility items are passive or limited use items that fulfill a variety of functions from boosting HP to specialty roles like healing. Several utility items become available for production in Engineering upon completion of certain research projects while many others are acquired through experimental projects in the Proving Ground.

All soldiers begin the game capable of equipping a single utility item; an additional utility item slot becomes available through certain advanced body armors. Not all items can be equipped together: it's impossible to equip two items of same kind (vests, ammo or grenades).



Main article: Grenades (XCOM 2)

Grenadiers can carry two different grenades, when one is equipped in their special grenade slot and another in a regular utility item slot. Note that the Reaper's Claymore from the War of the Chosen expansion is not included on the list.

Name Damage Armor Shredding Range Radius Effect Cost/From
Frag Grenade 3-4 1 10 3 Default
Plasma grenade 4-5 2 10 3 Plasma Grenade research
EMP Grenade 6 0 12 4 Shutdown §50
Flashbang grenade 0 0 12 8 Disoriented §35 (§50)
Proximity Mine 6 2 12 4 §100 (§125)
Smoke Grenade 0 0 15 4 Defensive bonus §25 (§40)
Acid grenade 3-4 2 10 3 Acid burn Experimental Grenade
Gas grenade 3-4 1 10 4 Poisoned Experimental Grenade
Incendiary grenade 4-5 1 10 3 Burning Experimental Grenade
Frost bomb 0 0 10 2 Frozen Proving Grounds - after Experimental Weapons (Alien Hunters DLC)


After researching the Advanced Explosives research project most grenades are upgraded to more powerful bombs as indicated in the following table.

Name Damage Armor Shredding Range Radius Effect Cost/From
EMP bomb 10 0 12 5 Shutdown §50
Smoke bomb 0 0 15 6 Defensive bonus §50 (§60)
Acid bomb 4-5 4 10 3 Acid burn Experimental Grenade
Gas bomb 4-5 2 10 5 Poisoned Experimental Grenade
Incendiary bomb 5-6 2 10 4 Burning Experimental Grenade


Soldier can carry only one type of ammo any given time.



  • In general, use Utility Vests to fit the situation. Hazmat Vests are redundant on operatives with the Fortress ability, and can be shifted to other units lacking the ability. Stasis Vests are helpful when attempting to conserve Medikits, or if the damage taken isn't particularly worrying. Hellweave vests are useful when facing off against Lost or Chryssalids, while the Plated Vest is best used on operatives wearing heavy armor, in order to combine the armor points. Nanoscale Vests should be given to low-rank soldiers not expecting to see active duty, if only to improve survivability and get some use out of the investment if nothing else.

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