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Weapon Fragments is a research project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


These fragments are all that remain of the powerful alien weaponry we've encountered so far. Further study could lead to advances in our own weapons development programs.

Project ReportEdit

Codename: Sagaris

Although the alien weapon fragments provide a limited glimpse into the system utilized in their equipment, we've seen enough to confirm my worst suspicions about their technology... that is it is vastly superior to our own. However, I have been encouraged by the rapid developments the research team has made in studying the damaged circuitry and electronics we recovered. Our initial efforts have already yielded a successful outcome. The new integrated sighting module created for our weaponry was heavily influenced by the aliens' own targeting system.

Project RequirementsEdit

Prerequisites: None
Research Point Cost: 40 Points
Project Cost: 5 Weapon Fragments

Items UnlockedEdit

Research Projects UnlockedEdit

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The codename "Sagaris" is the ancient Persian name for a type of cavalry axe, and relates to the subject of weapons development.

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