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Weapon Fragments are alien artifacts recovered from destroyed alien weaponry in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]

Based on our experience in the field, it seems the alien weaponry is designed to self-destruct when the operator dies. These fragments are all that we've managed to recover from the remains.

Gray Market description


Weapon Fragments can be obtained from any alien that carries a weapon. Each weapon produces two fragments when the alien is killed, therefore aliens that are equipped with both a grenade and a firearm, such as Mutons, can yield up to four fragments apiece.

Gray Market Value[]




  • Aliens captured alive via the Arc Thrower do not provide any fragments. Their weapons remain intact.
  • Weapon Fragments are obliterated when dealing killing blows to enemies by explosive weapons such as grenades and rockets, and the MEC's Collateral Damage and Flamethrower in Enemy Within, which can result in a research bottleneck if used excessively during missions, especially in the early game. It may be advisable to carefully manage fragment expenditure to ensure that prioritized projects get them first.
  • Research and upgrades that a player can optionally skip or postpone to conserve fragments include: laser weaponry, S.H.I.V., and pistol-improving projects.
  • After all Research and Foundry projects are completed, Weapon Fragments can be sold freely.