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Weapon Fragments are alien artifacts recovered from destroyed alien weaponry in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Based on our experience in the field, it seems the alien weaponry is designed to self-destruct when the operator dies. These fragments are all that we've managed to recover from the remains.

Gray Market description


Weapon Fragments can be obtained from any alien that carries a weapon. Each weapon produces two fragments when the alien is killed, therefore aliens that are equipped with both a grenade and a firearm, such as Mutons, can yield up to four fragments apiece.

Gray Market ValueEdit




  • Aliens captured alive via the Arc Thrower do not provide any fragments. Their weapons remain intact.
  • Weapon Fragments are obliterated when dealing killing blows to enemies by explosive weapons such as grenades and rockets, which can result in a research bottleneck if used excessively during missions, especially in the early game. It may be advisable to carefully manage fragment expenditure to ensure that prioritized projects get them first.
  • Research and upgrades that a player can optionally skip or postpone to conserve fragments include: laser weaponry, S.H.I.V., and pistol-improving projects.
  • After all Research and Foundry projects are completed, Weapon Fragments can be sold freely.
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