XCOM EU William Thorne
The VIP for this operation goes by the name of William Thorne. He's an influential politician suspected of collusion with the aliens. We need you to bring him in alive for... questioning. Get him to the Skyranger for EVAC.

Central Officer Bradford

William Thorne is a VIP target for escort in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Council TransmissionEdit

"We've received an interesting report that a politician from [COUNCIL NATION] who once advocated cooperation with the aliens has now come under attack. We'd like you to retrieve this man alive, so that we may... speak... with him. We will transmit the specific details of his position to Central."

Mission DetailsEdit

The mission takes place in the Commercial Alley map, which centers around a long back alley that runs between a large media store on one side and laundromat and pizza place on the other side. The squad starts at the mouth of the alley nearest the laundromat where a delivery truck is parked. The EVAC zone is in the center of the street at the opposite end of the alley.


  • "This is absurd! Do you honestly think I would turn my back on my country? I AM NOT A TRAITOR, DAMMIT!"
  • "You have no right to do this! I work for the people! On whose authority do you operate?!"
  • "I will not speak to anyone until I'm given proper legal representation!"
  • "No! Wait! I'm a friend! Please, we can work this out!!!"
  • "Where are you taking me?! I demand answers!"
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