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A Workshop is a facility in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game Description[]

Each workshop adds 5 engineers to our staff.
Adjacency Bonus: +7% refund on resources used when building vehicles, foundry projects and facilities.

– Engineering description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Facility Requirements[]

Prerequisites: 6 Engineers for the first Workshop, 15 for the second, and +10 Engineers for each successive Workshop (25, 35, 45, etc.)
Time to Build: 10 Days (5 days with Advanced Construction)
Construction Cost:

Facility Maintenance: §26 per month (§13 per month with the Expert Knowledge bonus)


  • In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you'll need 11 workshops to get the maximum rebate (100% less one dollar, elerium, and/or alloy, as appropriate). If starting in Europe and taking engineer rewards from missions, you can solve a lot of money issues early on.
    • In XCOM: Enemy Within, the adjacency bonus is increased to +10%, meaning you only need 8 workshops (or affiliated facilities, see below) to get the full rebate.
  • Even though you technically require an additional 10 Engineers per Workshop, since each Workshop gives you 5 Engineers you only actually need to acquire 5 more Engineers before you can build your next Workshop.
  • Although the adjacency bonus is phrased differently, it's similar to the adjacency bonuses of the other buildings—every pair of adjacent workshops confers the bonus globally. The bonus is applied directly to the cost of new vehicles and Foundry projects. The cost of building facilities, however, stays the same and the resources are refunded only after the facility is built. If used in conjunction with Advanced Construction, the refund amount reflects the increased cost, not the base cost.
  • If the workshop is removed, the five engineers granted by it will instantly be removed as well. Mission rewards will often make the player choose between four engineers and 200 credits. At a "cost" of 50 per engineer, it can be said that a workshop can be "valued" at 250 credits. Between building costs and upkeep, it will take about four in-game months for a workshop to reach the same cost. Consider investing in one if you have excess credits but lack engineers.
  • Additional factors to consider include the potential savings from manufacturing items, the number of additional engineers, the cost of excavating and the potential adjacency bonus if placed next to a Workshop, Foundry, or Cybernetics Lab.
  • The workshop refund is based on the number of active workshops at the time the construction or Foundry project is completed.