Move fast or die slow.


Zephyr is an agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.


Officially “created” in 2021 per ADVENT records, Zephyr served as a loyal, mind-controlled ADVENT soldier until she was mentally liberated by a resistance faction, the Skirmishers. She joined the cause of her saviors and fought alongside XCOM until the war’s end.

Zephyr is a living weapon and one of Chimera Squad’s most brutal melee combatants. She can pummel enemies with brute force, parry incoming damage, then vanish across the battlefield with her blink-and-you-miss-it mobility.[1]

Zephyr does not carry a firearm and instead relies entirely on melee attacks.


Rank Name Description
Cadet Crippling Blow Zephyr punches an enemy and inflicts one of several status effects. The effect is either disarm, disorient, stun, or root. This attack cannot miss and will trigger Momentum.
Cadet Fearless Advance Zephyr blitzes toward an enemy and melee attacks them after the breach. This will position Zephyr near the enemy. If the enemy was alert, their alert breach action is cancelled.
Cadet Momentum Zephyr is immune to root and gains an additional move action after using Crippling Blow.
Deputy Agent Parry The extra action from Momentum can be spent to prevent damage from the next attack instead of moving.
Field Agent Lockdown Zephyr attacks any enemy that enters or attacks from melee range.
Field Agent Pressure Point Melee attacks that would deal lethal damage will instead render enemies unconscious. Melee attacks do +1 damage. Replaces subdue.
Special Agent Crowd Control Zephyr quickly darts around and attacks every nearby enemy before returning to her original position. Two turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Moving Target Momentum is also triggered by Subdue and Crowd Control, and Zephyr does not trigger overwatch or reaction fire.
Senior Agent Vital Strike Melee attacks will ignore armor.
Principal Agent Reaper Zephyr enters Reaper Mode. With Reaper active, downing enemies with melee attacks grants an extra action. Each subsequent melee attack has reduced damage. Four turn cooldown.


Rank Name Days


Cadet Basic Conditioning 2 +2 Hit Points
Special Agent Unlock Potential 3 +2 Mobility
Principal Agent High Impact 5 Crowd Control will apply a random debuff to each target. Potential outcomes include Disarmed, Rooted, and Disoriented.


  • Unlike every other Agent, Zephyr has no weapon upgrades nor can her weapon be improved or replaced.
  • Crippling Blow does 3-4 damage by default. This increases to 4-5 once Zephyr reaches Special Agent rank. The damage of attacks made with Lockdown and Crowd Control does not increase in this way.
  • While it is not in the description, Moving Target also makes Zephyr immune to Root (caused by Ronins and Cobras).
  • While Crippling Blow cannot miss, Lockdown doesn't have a 100% hit chance and can miss.
  • While Lockdown requires an enemy to attack from melee range, it does not require the enemy to make a melee attack. Ranged attacks made against Zephyr or another target will trigger the ability.
  • Lockdown will also trigger If a creature is moved into Zephyr's range by an ability such as Torque's Tongue Pull or Shelter's Relocate.
  • Crippling Blow's Stun chance is much lower than the other debuffs and it occurs far less often.
  • Fearless Advance breach action happens after Aggressive enemies have taken their shots. It does 3 damage, and does not apply any debuffs that Crippling Blow can.
  • Against robotic enemies Crippling Blow can apply Shutdown.
  • As of the current patch, Crowd Control applies debuffs even without the Hard Target training.